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When smoke and water have affected your belongings, almost nothing is worse than when it affects your electronics. The thought of having to repurchase all new high-value items can be not only stressful but hurt your wallet as well. Thankfully, X-Cel Restoration uses advanced technology to handle electronic equipment and devices including computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, and more.

Smoke and water damage to electronic equipment and devices can cause significant damage that can be difficult to repair. In order to prevent further damage to your equipment, it is essential to clean the affected items as soon as possible. Depending on the type of damage, different cleaning techniques may be necessary.

For smoke damage, we carefully wipe down all surfaces of the equipment with a damp cloth and cleaning solution. For more stubborn dirt, a more powerful cleaning solution may be necessary. It is also important to ventilate the area to reduce the amount of smoke in the air.

For water damage, we first have to make sure the device and all of its components are dry. Then, we use a vacuum cleaner to remove any water or moisture from the device. If there is any corrosion present, we use special cleaning solutions to remove it that are designed for electronics. Finally, we’ll apply a coat of corrosion-inhibiting spray to the device to prevent further damage.

Cleaning up after smoke or water damage to electronic equipment and devices requires expertise and an attention to detail. we can help prevent further damage and restore your equipment and devices to their original state. If you need Your electronics cleaned after a disaster, call us today!